What shape and garment length will flatter and enhance you?

A few centimetres or changed angle can make a huge difference. Discover how you can dress to appear slimmer. Learn how to highlight your best features and conceal figure challenges - we all have them.

Do you wonder What Not to Wear? What is right for you?

The answers will be revealed by scientific analysis - without a tape measure on you. This has nothing to do with weight. It is about bone structure and proportion. And you can keep your clothes on!

One and half hour consultation includes:

  • personalised notes
  • complimentary email follow-up


Had your Style analysis done some years ago, but need a refresher to help you interpret your style for today’s trends?

  • one hour refresher consultation
  • personalised notes

Shalom can help you to discover the best version of yourself.

She is there to make sure that how you dress is a reflection of who you are!

Discovering the best-ever version of yourself is a transformational and empowering experience. It can change who you are on every level, positively affecting relationships, career and achievement of your life goals. 




Regardless of your opinion of clothing, it’s necessary.  Stop fighting it and embrace it.  Clothing adds value during first impressions (people subconsciously evaluate you based o your visual presentation within 15 seconds of meeting you).  It can also boost your confidence, demand authority, create a sense of security, and even inspire others.  Truth is, we live in busy times. You may hate shopping, are adjusting to a new work environment or lifestyle, are up-and-coming professional trying to make headway in the corporate world or looking for a raise. A parent who is juggling work and family life, adjusting to currently or expecting a transitional phase in life such new mom (new body), new job, new life. You may be struggling to find the time and energy to create the wardrobe you really want.

At some point we all go through changes in life and that’s where Shalom's personal shopping and wardrobe consulting services come in. She understands that in a world where prioritizing your wardrobe may not make the cut of your top ‘TO DO’ list. Shalom will come in first for a wardrobe makeover and organize everything for you. She will help you with that overwhelming task of sorting through your clothing and deciding what to keep and what to discard. She will set up a wardrobe system that will make it easier for you to keep your clothing, shoes and accessories organised. Making sure everything is cohesive, utilized, figure flattering and achieving your current life goal. The idea is to select an outfit without hesitation knowing how and why it’s best for you.