Why Pre order service ?

There are a lot of reasons why we have limited stock from the Infinitedeuce collection and also pre-order stock from our Lasheychanel store. 

Firstly we are currently in a pandemic and a small business we have come up with a way that saves us from having a lot of stock that could possibly end up  not getting sold. We have come up with a great plan together with our suppliers for them to make supply on order which we are very happy to have such an opportunity. 

Secondly we are also an Ethical brand and with how the world is currently encouraging everyone to do their best to make a difference this is our own version on working in a way that allow us to feel that we are making a difference. The fashion industry is second in the world when it comes to the amount of waste that is caused by this industry. This is definitely a time for us to change and we are very excited to be ambassadors of CHANGE in the years to come. 

We have so many plans in regards to some of the things we will be doing towards making a difference to help protect our world. Hopefully once everything has gone back to normal our waiting time for our pre-orders will definitely be shorter however at the moment it's currently on 7-10 working days and unfortunately in some cases could be even longer . One thing I'm so confident about, the wait is worth your time as we will make sure that we deliver on your products and make you happy. 
it's a small sacrifice we know and understand but also just remember that you also are making a difference by trusting us and waiting a little longer to get your products. 

This is something that we encourage other business to do as well, "Let's not be like everyone else or have the fear of doing something new but strive to be the change for a better tomorrow. " Shalom Chaerera. 

Stay tuned...