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2021 Revamp your wardrobe

So new year as we all know it is always associated with change, new goals, new mindset. Whilst we are in the first month of 2021 (or whenever you come across this blog) some have written their goals and plans for the year already others not yet and maybe you are like me and don’t mind adding some new goals  to your list as long as they are positive.

“Just planting a seed into someone’s mind really that might grow now or whenever the time for you is or might not grow at all because it doesn’t work for you.

As you plan and work towards achieving your goals have you thought about revamping your wardrobe? To suit the you, you want to be and the goals you are striving to achieve. As simple as this may sound, getting rid of all unwanted or unworn clothing throughout last year has a lot of positives to it. Positives like it’s a fresh start to the year and lifestyle, it’s a skill you’ll be learning that is even applicable in different areas of life removing things that can get in the way of your success, progression, clear focused mindset etc

I have seen over the years, the more clothes I have the more indecisive I become each and everyday not knowing what to wear at times even getting confused because of so many options some not relevant with the person I am at the time.The amount of clothes I had at that time brought confusion which often made me think I had no clothes leading to me buying more clothes ( how bizarre). I have learnt over the years to remove things I don’t need and haven’t worn to prepare myself for new beginnings, new year, stages of life with a fresh environment

It sounds very simple but putting this into practice is a whole different story as it can be very challenging letting go of those clothes that mean so much to us. Clothes are funny, the way we easily get attached to them based on the memories or plans that we may have is one of the reasons why sometimes it’s difficult to let go.

Decluttering is a skill- MINDSET

Decluttering requires the right mindset, a desire to clear out all unwanted items and to allow room, a fresh start due to many reasons e.g. change of style, ill-fitting clothes, old clothes that just need chucking away the list goes on and on.  

For me decluttering was something that I only started 5 years ago really when I realised that we are living in a time that you want to keep buying and buying and buying which means piles and piles of clothes which most times they only get worn once or twice and that’s it. At that point in my 5 years ago you were 24 so not really very young lol so maybe say my mindset was different and trying to keep up with fashion trends which was a need for me because that’s what I felt I needed to do. As I got wiser understanding more about the fashion industry ,I started to notice that most clothes I have I don’t wear them much, however, because of the costs involved I would tell myself I will wear it but still never do.

The society we live in today, we are influenced so much by social media which pushes people to buy, buy and buy in order to keep up with seasonal trends which can definitely put a lot of people in the position I was in 5 years ago of just buying which means you are left with a wardrobe that is full of clothes you don’t necessarily need. Therefore, it is important to review ideally every six months or 12 months and just see what you have in your wardrobe and think about what you need and don’t need. Something that I have startedto do is to make a list of the things I need, check my wardrobe/ closet, then buy what I need so that I am not lured into buying things not needed.


In life y when you have tasks or goals it is important to plan properly and effectively so that you stay focused and on track. There are so many ways you can declutter, you could sell your unwanted clothes on platforms like E-bay, Vinted, Depop, Facebook marketplace and more. You can also give to charity, DIY to upcycle the items which is fun and lastly anything that is old you can just throw away in clothing recycle bins.

I am currently on a journey to minimalism because I am at a stage in my life were, I feel like less is more. Less works out more functional and practicable for me without putting myself under so much pressure with different trends and fast fashion with less and not lasting quality clothes. Last year I did a huge clear out twice, first phase and second phase because first phase I was still holding on to things which I really loved at the time but barely wore. Luckily, the second phase I managed to disconnect with the clothes and just ask myself “Do I truly need this? When was the last time I wore this?” This led to me actually getting rid of 80% or my clothes and to be honest its actually liberating.

What you find is that once you have cleared all the unwanted clothes it gives you more power to be organised and opens your eyes to see exactly what you have and needs. Less confusion when you need to grab something to wear reallyquickly.

I have also learnt that someone else is always in need, so giving to charity is very important to me. ‘What’s old to you is treasure in the eyes of another’

Tips to consider when decluttering

Keep what you need




Throw away any old unwanted clothes (make sure you recycle them)

Signature Style

Its very important to think about what your signature style is so that when you are clearing out you keep what is relevant and you get rid of what is not. Awareness of what your signature style is will help & guide you even when you are still in the planning stage or when you indecisive about some items. After clearing your wardrobe of all the unwanted, never worn and items which you are just holding for one day. it will make it easier to see what you really need to add because there is a clear vision behind it

Take your time as you plan really think about the things you love, the colours, versatility, until you are satisfied and confident that this is the style for you. This stage should be one of your priorities because if missed it could lead to confusion and disorganisation. Like I mentioned above this stage should not be taken lightly but treated with the utmost importance as it gives you a guideline when shopping.


Once you start the process of decluttering you want to make sure you’ve taken everything out of the wardrobe and deep clean. This will give a fresh feel in your wardrobe and I mean after clearing and organising cleaning is a must.


Once you have done all the above It's time to organise your clothes according to how you prefer, casual clothes on one side followed by work clothes, fancy clothes on the other side or you might want to colour coordinate from light to dark or vice versa.

 Whichever way you decide make sure it will help you maintain a clean and clear wardrobe environment which works for you. Lastly, make sure it’s done in a way that every time you open your wardrobe you are inspired to look and feel good.



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