About us

Lasheychanel is a company that that was launched in February 2015 by Shalom Chaerera. The company has ever since evolved from just being a fashion company that sells clothing to having various services within the company.

Shalom Chaerera is an International Fashion Business Graduate with a great passion for clothing and style. She has been involved in the fashion industry ever since she graduated from University in 2013 working with big companies such as AFRICA FASHION WEEK LONDON, ZIM FASHION SHOWCASE and also had the opportunity to showcase her second collection with FASHION FIESTA back in 2017. Lasheychanel has also been involved working with Leeds Children's charity.

It’s been a journey and we look forward to more exciting things to come. Lasheychanel began as a fashion styling business also selling women’s fashionable clothing and has now expanded to have its clothing line (INFINITE DEUCE).

Lasheychanel is a fashion brand that is moving forward with a more environmental consciousness as we must become more aware of the current issues concerning the environment. Ethical is very important to us on how our clothes are designed.

Infiniteduece is a line that is inspired by LOVE and it’s all about supporting love. It’s a very TIMELESS collection, inspired by anything and everything as we are very grateful to life and that is what we want to embrace. Mainly our greatest inspiration does come from all people themselves, how people put their clothes together, the story behind the clothing is what we are mostly inspired by. These designs are very unique, created to suit everyone and also you can personalise these designs to suit your personality. This is very important to us that each individual adds their unique personal touch.

If you are interested in fashion, styling, clothing, trends and also if you are thinking about recreating your style this is the place for you to be.

We are really excited to be introducing INFINITEDEUCE Collection!

Lasheychanel store is here to provide some unique sustainable, fashionable, timeless products for both men and women. Our designs  at the moment are suitable for a classical male and female, providing you pieces that are fashion forward. We pride ourselves in living a sustainable lifestyle and providing you with long-lasting clothing.  We are so excited to bring in lots and lots of different things into our shop for you. One of the biggest help we need from you is to tell us what you want and we are happy to do our very best to make sure that we deliver your needs.  We are so excited to bring you our most stylish looks above all at a really good price and for good quality. What more could you want ey! 

Our in-house brand Infinite Deuce is very unique, our collections are created for an individual that wants something g special, unique, timeless and also something that standout. Please know that we don't do custom made outfits, we create a few pieces each year and they are sold on first come first serve basis. We think it is fun and exciting for our customers to know that they are wearing a one and only piece by Infinite-Deuce and they are special,  we do know that some collections may come with a higher demand and we are happy to bring back some of the popular pieces however its very important that you keep a close eye on what is coming in and you also pre- order your order to make sure that you don't miss out.