My MISSION is to help individuals EVOLVE their MINDSET, WELLNESS and IMAGE.

IDENTITY  is a fundamental element to one's life and my role is to make sure that you are living your BEST life! 

Come with me on this journey to create the best life for yourself, life is filled with so many challenges and obstacles that can some how limit your mindset or even create fear, over the years I have worked with a number of individuals to help them overcome these limiting beliefs that comes with the changes we experience in life. 
You are not the only person who feels like a failure, maybe you have been planning a certain type of lifestyle and somehow you haven't achieved your goals, do you feel like the way you look and how you want to look do not match ? Yes we all go through these experiences in life. 
I am here to guide you towards the person you want to become! 
So what are you waiting for, join me by getting in touch and getting things moving. 
I have been a personal stylist for over 5 years and I have worked with women and men to build the personal brand they have aspired to.  
Yes we all aspire certain things in life from the quality of life we want to have, the relationships we hope to have from spouse, our circle and even the people you associate yourself with. What we have in mind and the reality at time it doesn't match, one thing that I have come across with my experience is that majority of us get stuck on the the desire level. A lot of us desire all these things however we don't actually do anything to achieve our desires hence why we get stuck and not live the best life because of limiting beliefs. 

I have created a manual on how to overcome your limiting beliefs. Yes it's a process that we need to master and it starts today by you taking the initiative to do something about it. 

Follow the link below and type OLB and we will send it over to you. If you want to receive similar manuals please subscribe and again you will receive weekly emails with more interesting topics on personal development, personal style and personal faith topics. 



Self investment is something that I always encourage everyone to do, we get so caught up in life or with life that we easily forget about ourselves. I always tell my clients to prioritise YOU! Other than God you have to come first, for you to be the best spouse you can be, the best parent, friend, boss and the list goes on and on. YOU have to come first and invest in yourself. 
How you look matters so much because first impressions are very important. We live in a time that people are so much bothered about looks, beautiful things and if you are not looking your best who knows you may miss an opportunity. Yes it's unfortunate that people today judge a book by it's cover hence why I've have to move with the times. How you dress can be a great way you market who you are. 
You are your own brand and I talk more about this on my 1:1s and if you want to go more in to this, get in touch it's me now ! 


In my career I have found that personal development is one of the most important areas that is easily neglected because people are so busy being controlled by life experiences and not being in charge of your life. Yes we have all been victims of life experiences and it takes a willing mindset to change that and be in control of your life. Being in control requires intention, yes intention to want the change, intention to do something about it and intention to do whatever it takes. 

I have a transformational package on our styling services which has helped a number of people to live their best ;use and be happy. In fact this package is very popular and I work with people that have made the decision to do something about a certain area of their life. I have recently got in too life coaching which has been amazing too. 

This is exactly what I have set myself to do, help as many people I can, to live their best lives. You don’t have to image what your life can be but you can live your best life with my help. 

  • I am here to guide you and show you tricks and tips on easy ways to change bad habits in to good habits. 
  • I want you to achieve all your goals which you have set out for yourself. 
  • We all have needs, let me help you discover yourself, are you like myself you have gone through a cycle of trying to figure out who am I, why I'm I here, what is my purpose? Yes all  these we have all had them, you are not the only one thinking this and there is nothing wrong with you. 
  • Let's build the life that you where truly born to live. 

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